Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I place an order?

A: To start an order, click the 'Add to Cart' button from the product page. You will then be able to enter the quantity, select imprinting options, and add any notes. You can then either continue to select more items from the website or click 'Checkout' to submit your order. The checkout process will ask for billing information but we will not automatically charge your credit card. We will email you a final invoice for approval BEFORE your credit card is charged.

Upon receipt of your cart, we manually review your imprinting options, any art you uploaded, and any notes on the order - and will manually generate your invoice to ensure everything you requested is included in the order. We will contact you if there are any questions.

Order options can get complex sometimes (additional imprint colors, additional packaging options, setup fees related to your specific selections), which is why we prefer to fully review your requirements first.



Q: What does "Production Time" mean, how long until my order ships? 

A: Production time is the listed amount of time it takes the factory to produce your order. Production starts after final proof approval.  Please keep in mind that it usually takes at least 1 business day to process your order, and then 1-2 days for your artwork or imprint to be approved by the art department and a proof emailed to you. Production time is an estimate and may vary due to market conditions, holidays and other factors.



Q: What are setup fees? 

A: Almost every custom imprinted promotional product has a setup fee. This is for the creation of your screen, or die, or preparation/cleanup of the equipment for your specific imprint. The setup fee is usually per “location”, so if you opted to print in more than one location (where available) you will normally be charged multiple setup fees.

Setup fees vary, but generally range anywhere from $25 to $60 (more for custom die). If ordering an exact repeat order in the future usually this fee is waived or greatly reduced.

There may also be setup fees relating to the type of decoration selected. For embroider for example, your logo or artwork needs to first be digitized, and the fee is based on stitch count.



Q: Why is there a set up fee on each item if printing the same logo? 

A: Each customizable product requires a different setup processes due to varying imprinting methods, product sizes, and production factories. New equipment such as screens, pads, stencils or dies must be made to imprint each separate order with your logo. For example, you need different materials to engrave your logo on to a small pen than to print it on a large cooler or mug.



Q: What if I don't have my company logo/artwork in a format that can be used for printing?

A: First find out if someone else at your company has your logo already available (think of the person/department or company who handled the printing your business cards, brochures, signs, or any other marketing material. They probably have your logo and can email it to you or us. In the worst case, if all you have is your logo as a JPG image on your web site or computer, or on a business card - we can usually recreate your logo for a $50 art fee. 

If you are looking to have your logo redesigned or custom graphics created, we can also refer you to a graphic designer.



Q: Can I get a sample of the item before placing an order?

A: Yes we can send you a sample, this will be a random sample of what the factor has available (it may or may not have an imprint from a previous job). For products under $5 we normally do not charge for the sample, but we do need to bill for the shipping.

Please note that if you are ordering multiple samples that each item may ship from a different location or factory so you may incur a shipping fee for each item. For higher cost samples you can send the sample back after reviewing if you don't wish to keep it. In some cases we can credit the sample towards your order.


Q: I need to see an actual, pre-production sample of the final product with my imprint, is this possible  

A: When possible this is what we recommend so that you can be certain of how the final product will look. However it is not always feasible for our customers due to the additional time involved and the costs to produce just 1 piece. Whether or not a pre-production sample is possible for a particular product and the costs and time involved depends on the particular item and printing method, so please contact us with your request so we can let you know your options.



Q: What is an overrun/underrun

A: Almost all orders are subject to an overrun/under run of plus or minus 5%. Why do manufacturers have over/under runs? Here is an example to help explain this: Lets say that you order 1,000 imprinted pens. The factory will actually produce about 1,100 pieces, and then quality control would go in and pick out the bad ones. This is to assure you that they will be able to provide you with approx 1,000 pens. Sometimes there are a bit more good pens than you ordered, sometimes a bit less. You are charged for the actual amount you receive. So if you receive 1025 pens, you will be charged for 1025 pens. If you receive 975 pens, you will be credited for the 25 extra pens you paid for. 


Q: I need a full quote before I place an order, including shipping.  

A: Yes we always send you a final invoice that includes all fees and shipping for your approval BEFORE we process your order. Add the items you wish to order to your cart and complete the checkout process on the website. Your credit card will NOT be charged until you approve the final invoice.

Q: Do you offer Non-Profit Discounts? 

A: We value and respect the work of non-profit organizations and programs.  We admire the various services they offer to local communities.

If you are a member of a non-profit organization we are committed to helping you and other groups like you by offering a 10% non-profit discount off the cost of regular priced online merchandise (shipping and set-up charges are not discounted).

To receive your non-profit discount, register for an online account and then email us a copy of your 501 (c) (3) or proof of Non-Profit status.

Organizations that apply for non-profit and charity status will be verified against the IRS database of non-profit and charity organizations. We may also check references, and employ additional resources for confirmation on non-profit or charity status.


Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy? 

A:  Promotional products are custom orders. Orders cannot be cancelled after proof approval. Prior to proof approval there is a minimum 5% cancellation fee to cover our bank,  merchant fees and time. There may also be a partial refund issued if any work has already been performed, such as artwork or proofs, and a 20% restocking fee if inventory has already been pulled.



Q: What if an item is no longer available? 

A:  In our network of over 2,500 factories/suppliers, each maintains their own product details in our online catalog.  Although rare, it is possible that an item on our site is no longer available or is out of stock or has a price change.  In case of any problem, we will always notify you of any issues before completing your order and offer alternatives or allow you to cancel the order. **DUE TO COVID AND SUPPLY-CHAIN ISSUES, MANY ITEMS ARE LOW IN STOCK AND WE RECOMMEND ASKING US TO CHECK INVENTORY BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER **




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